The Reeves

The Reeves Band

The Reeves perform everything from Indie must-haves like Oasis and The Kooks, to iconic classics from Elton John and The Beatles plus modern chart hits from Avicii, Calvin Harris and more!


Fusion DJ Live Collective

Fusion is an exciting, one-of-a-kind DJ Live Collective featuring DJ, Sax, Percussion and Vocals that bring their own unique twist to every performance.

Ben Sax

Party Percussion Band

Ben Sax is a talented and versertille saxophonist that has rapidly built a rapport with his audiences both here and around the world. Ben has a passion for house music and has performed with many well known DJs.

Party Percussion

Party Percussion Band

Party Percussion is a bespoke drumming/percussion act renowned for his ability to enhance any occasion and capture the attention of crowds of all ages with his signature driving tribal rhythms and mesmerizing energy.

DJ Lloyd

DJ Lloyd

With over 20 years of experience, DJ Lloyd is perfect for any event. He is an established performer having played across the UK and internationally. Lloyd’s creative programming, music selection and mixing ability gives him impressive versatility, whatever the occasion.

DJ Alistair

DJ Lloyd

With over a decade of experience as a professional mobile DJ, Alistair has established himself as a highly sought-after talent, able to cater to a wide range of events from weddings and corporate functions to festivals.

DJ Hugo

DJ Hugo

DJ Hugo is a versatile selector whose unique style has made him first choice for some of the biggest events and brands.


Select Music - Groovebox

Groovebox’s reputation as an exciting, dynamic, and hard-working band has brought them huge success performing at high-end corporate functions, countless weddings, sporting events and every kind of party imaginable.


With the use of samples and backing tracks to create medleys/mashups, Koda provide a high-octane show of top chart and classic floor fillers – covering almost 80 songs in the full show running start to finish with little to no gaps. Expect the dancefloor to be overflowing all night long!

The Revs

The Revs are an in-demand live act who perform across the world. Made up of highly talented musicians they can be a roaming acoustic trio or a driving 9 piece showband. Wow!