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Beat It

Solo & Duo, Sax & Drums, DJs

Weddings, Parties + Celebrations, Corporate Events, Festivals

Beat It is an entertaining, experienced, and versatile percussionist, available to play for public or private events including weddings and parties across the UK and internationally, either alongside your chosen DJ, or solo with his own PA and backing music.

Beat It tailors his performance for every event with the ability to play alongside any DJ and genre, you are guaranteed the perfect blend between a top quality DJ, and the sought after authentic feel of a live performer.

Whether it’s dance, salsa, disco, pop, RnB, funk & soul, reggae, ska or modern bhangra, Beat It has what it takes to transform your event into something truly spectacular.

Beat It is one of the most experienced and desired live percussionists around. He has performed alongside internationally respected DJs such as Grant Nelson, Kevin McKay, Grant Richards, DJ Richard Earnshaw, and Cafe Mambo and resident DJs Danny O and Ridney. He has also worked with countless world-renowned artists such as Eddie Manion from Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Shahab Tiam, Diane Shaw, and Surj Sahota to name but a few.

3 x 30 mins or 2 x 45 mins sets alongside your chosen DJ or backing music over Three to Five hours.

If you have any bespoke requirements please get in touch.
• Live percussion with your DJ
• Live percussion with your DJ
• Live percussion with backing music (PA provided)
• Live percussion with backing music (PA provided)
• DJ and live percussion (everything included)
• DJ, Sax, and live percussion (everything included)